Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta

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About Us (The Federation)

  • Ghaqda Sajjieda u Dilettanti Bugibba
    Ghaqda Sajjieda u Dilettanti Bugibba
  • Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gzira
    Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gzira
  • Denci Fishing Club
    Denci Fishing Club
  • Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Sliema
    Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Sliema

Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dillettanti Malta

The idea of forming the “Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta” was first suggested by a number of members from the Ghaqda Komunitarja tas-Sajd Marsamxett. A few of the very first founding members of the Federazzjoni included the late Alfred Bonavia and Ronnie Magro (Ghaqda Kominitarja tas-Sajd Marsamxett), Dr Joe Carabott D’Amato (Ghaqda Dilettanti tas-Sajd Birzebbuga), Tony Cauchi (Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Bugibba) and Charles Pirotta (Pirotta Fishing Centre). These persons also found a lot of help from other members coming from the first six amateur fishermen associations which were the founding member associations of the federation. It is to be noted that it was no easy task to set up the federation.

The federation was set up in July 1997 and the founding member associations were Ghaqda Komunitarja tas-Sajd Marsamxett, Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Birzebbuga, Ghaqda Bahhara u Sajjieda Dilettanti Wied il-Ghajn, Ghaqda Dilettanti tad-Dghajjes Msida, Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Bugibba, Taht iz-Ziemel Club tas-Sajd, Ghaqda Dilettanti tas-Sajd Sliema and Pirotta Fishing Centre (Official Sponsor). Early in 1998 the Malta Skin Diving Club and Ghaqda Sajjieda / Dilettanti Ghar Lapsi also became members. In April 1998 the federation also accepted the San Anton Fishing Club (A student association coming from San Anton School). Ghaqda Dilettanti tas-Sajd 1998 joined as members in March 1999. Early in the year 2000 Mr Fish Club and Ghaqda Dilettanti tas-Sajd Wied iz-Zurrieq were also accepted as members of the federation. Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gnejna became a member in April 2001 and Ghaqda Sajjieda u Dilettanti Giljanizi joined the federation in July 2002 followed by Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gzira in November 2002. Denci Club is the most recent association that was welcomed as a member association.

As time passed, unfortunately, some of these associations were dissolved, stopped functioning or decided not to form part of the federation any longer. Infact at present the active member associations are Ghaqda Kumunitarja tas-Sajd Marsamxett, Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Birzebbuga, Ghaqda Dilettanti Sajd Sliema, Ghaqda Sajieda Dilettanti Bugibba, Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gnejna, Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gzira, Denci Club and Malta Skin Divers Club. The federation is always encouraging any dissolved associations to be reconstituted and rejoin as members of the federation. Furthermore the federation wishes that new associations are set up in areas where there are a number of amateur fishermen but do not have an association set up. The federation is always ready to offer all the necessary help for such associations to be formed up.

The aims and objectives of the federation are:

  • Each and every member association should protect the environment where its members carries out fishing practices. The federation will always take the necessary actions if any member association does not comply. 
  • To consolidate the various amateur fishing enthusiasts associations in Malta.
  • All member associations should be associations that represent amateur fishing enthusiasts including associations that may have members who own fishing boats registered with the Fisheries Department.
  • To defend all member associations.
  • To educate the member associations wherever needed both about fishing in general as well as about fishing as a sport and as hobby.
  • To organise competitions and other social events for all member associations.

The Federation has a committee member on the Fisheries Board and represents the interests of all MFB and MFC boat owners. Infact it is to be said that the latter category of fishing boats was accepted upon the suggestion of the federation member who sits on the Fisheries Board. The federation is also a member of the Malta Sports Council (Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport) and thus all affiliated member associations are also members of the same Council. The Federation holds all its meetings at the Cottonera Sports Complex on a regular basis.

Along the years the Federation had and still holds regular meetings with the relevant authorities about the various issues that relate to the practicing of amateur fishing in Malta.   At the moment we have ongoing discussions with MEPA about the proposed fishing conservation areas, as well as meetings with Transport Malta about license, insurance and boat categories as well as about berthing places.