Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta

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A summary of the various activities and meetings held or attended to by the Federation during 2014.

Federation Xmas Buffet Dinner 2014.

The Federation organised its Christmas Buffet Lunch at the Plaza Hotel in Sliema on Sunday 14th December 2014.

About sixty members from the various member Associations attended for the event.

More photos of the event can be viewed here.

Questions and Answers Session at Kalkara School.

One of the teachers at the Kalkara Primary School, Ms Gail Delia, wrote to the Federation to see if it is possible for the Federation to attend to a session of Questions and Answers for Year 5 Students about fishing in Malta.  

These questions put forward by the students were mainly about the various types of fishing boats used, the various type of tools and equipment used by the Fishermen and also about the problems and hardships that the fishermen encountered during their work.

The Federation accepted this request and two members of the executive committee, namely Dr. Joe Carabott Damato and Tony Cauchi attended for the session on Monday 17th November 2014. The session lasted from 10:30am to noon and it proved to be a very successful event both for the students as well as for the Federation. Infact had it not ben for the intervention of the teachers, the session would probably have been longer.

Launch of Sports WebCheck Press Conference.

The Federation was invited to and attended the Press Conference during which the Sports WebCheck Initiative was launched at the Kirkop Sports Complex on Thursday 11th September 2014.

Speaking at the launch of this initiative, Mr Roderick Marmara, Manager, Information Society at the MCA said “We are launching this new programme as part of a wider initiative aimed at achieving widespread e-literacy, digital inclusion and the use of ICTs as at tool to improve quality of life for all citizens in particular, disadvantaged groups.  The aim of this new programme is to encourage small organisations in the sports sector to create, or improve its online presence and use social media to increase visibility and raise funds through the most popular online applications.”
Organisations participating in the scheme will be assigned a specialist in the online marketing field who will be tasked with reviewing its internet strategy with an emphasis on social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Participants will receive free expert advice on ways to capitalise on these digital platforms and develop a strong online strategy. 
Parliamentary Secretary Dr Josè Herrera explained that ‘the main aim of this project is to assist sports organisations, in particular those organisations which carry less activity awareness to achieve a wider audience through their online presence. The online exposure will trigger interest with various individuals and encourage them to even participate in local sports activities which currently are not aware of.’
A substantial amount of sports activists met Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius and commented that the media falls short in offering regular and relevant coverage on sport activities. Whilst acknowledging their concerns, PS Agius explained that ‘unfortunately, the number of sports societies that communicate regularly with the media and keep them abreast with all their activities are few and far between’. PS Agius emphasised that the media is vital in assisting associations and federations to achieve better acknowledgement and recognition. PS Agius referred to this project ‘as the gateway to broaden horizons and reach a wider audience, whilst providing regular updates to all those individuals who have a particular interest in specific sports activities’.
Participation in the WebCheck for sport, is free as the programme is fully funded by the MCA.

The Federation was invited to and attended the Aljotta Night organised by Fondazzjoni San Pietru on Saturday 9th August 2014 outside the Club premises of the Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Bugibba.

The event was well attended.  A tastefully prepared ftira was first served followed by a plate of aljotta (fish soup), prepared from freshly caught fish by the Bugibba recreational fishermen and some sponsored shellfish.  The meal ended with ice cream.  Live music entertained all those present.

Federation Alungi Competition 2014 Awards Ceremony (Full set of photos are available here )

The award ceremony for the winners of the Federation Alungi Competition 2014 was held at the Bocci Drone Hall of the Cottonera Sports Complex on Thursday 31st July 2014.

The prizes for the competition were made up of 8 trophies for the first placed eight individual participants, three commemorative plaques for the first three placed clubs whose members caught the highest average weight per participating club member, and also a trophy for the participant who caught the biggest Alunga (Albacore Tuna) and the participant who caught the biggest other Fish (This year it was a 25Kg+ Blue Fin Tuna).

The president of the Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta opened the evening with a short speech mentioning the various higlights of the organisation of the competition. He also mentioned the amount of work done by all the organising committee and all the helpers involved, especially the dedication shown by the competition director Dr. Joe Carabott Damato.  It was also mentioned that the last part of this year’s competition was given good exposure by one of the main local television stations.

Dr Joe Carabott Damato, the Federation Secretary and Competition Director, then followed with a short speech whereby he thanked all the sponsors and other companies / shop outlets / individuals who donated prizes and donations towards the event. He also thanked all the participants who took part in the competition as well as all the helpers who gave all the necessary help whenever this was asked for.

The presentation of the prizes then followed. The first prizes to be awarded were the three commemorative plaques to the first three placed clubs, Ghaqda Komunitarja tas-Sajd Marsamxett, Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Bugibba and Ghaqda Sajjieda Dilettanti Gzira.  This was followed by the presentation of the trophies to the first placed eight individual winners. The participant who caught the biggest alunga was then presented with a trophy, followed by the winner of the biggest other fish who was presented with a trophy.  For the first time, mementoes were also presented to all the skippers of the participating boats as well as to all the members of the organising committee and all the helpers involved in the logistics of the competition.

The president and secretary of the Federation then presented a cheque for €3770 to Notary Tonio Spiteri, the president of the Fondazzjoni San Pietru, who thanked the Federation for having organised the competition in aid of the Fondazzjoni San Pietru. He also thanked all the sponsors and all the companies / shop outlets / individuals who helped to make the event a success. He also thanked all the helpers for their dedicated input.

This was followed by a lottery for the various prizes donated by the various sponsors of the competition.  There were 30 prizes in all, and these consisted of various fishing rods, lures, life jackets, vouchers for dinners for two, vouchers from various outlets, baits and ground baits and other fishing tackle.  All those present for the award ceremony could participate in the lottery and all proceeds from the lottery went to further increase the amount donated to Fondazzjoni San Pietru.

The evening then proceeded with a small reception for all those present. This was held at the Bar Area of the Cottonera Sports Complex and the adjoining terrace.

Federation Alungi Competition 2014.  (Full Set of Photos available here )

The Federation organised the Federation Alungi Competition 2014 on the 6th July 2014.  This competition, locally known as Kompetizzjoni ghall- Alungi (Fishing Competition for Albacore Tuna), has recently almost became an annual event. Originally this competition was started by the late Alfred Bonavia who was the president of the Ghaqda Komunitarja tas-Sajd Marsamxett and also the first president of the Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta  This year's event was held in aid of the St. Peter Foundation, a local NGO which buys fish at favourable prices, processes it into fish portions and distributes these portions free of charge to about 33 different charitable institutions and old age homes on a monthly basis.


For this year’s competition a new regulation was added to the normal regulations whereby all participating boats could only keep up to three fish from the fish they caught.  The remaining fish were to be donated to the Federation for onward donation to St. Peter’s Foundation.  Infact just over 70 fish were given to St. Peter’s Foundation through the application of this rule.


The number of participants in this year's event amounted to 52 boats with about 170 crew members.  The mostly sought area for fishing is an area covering about 600 square miles in the south west of the island, an area further out of the small island of Filfla.  There were two departure points for the boats, with about 47 boats starting off from just outside Birzebbuga port and another 5 boats starting off from Bugibba.  The boats were divided into four groups according to their maximum speed.  Vetting of the boats took place between 03:15 hrs hrs and 04:15 hrs.  The boats were then taken out to the departure point just outside Birzebbuga port by a supporting boat for each group,  the slowest boats being taken out first.  All groups had started off on the competition by 05:30 am.  The permissible fish for the competition were Albacore Tuna,  Blue Fin Tuna (up to one per boat, with each tuna weighing at least 30 kilos or being at least 115 cm in length), Skipjack Tuna. Pastardella and Lampuki (Dolphin Fish / Dorado).  Winners were judged firstly on the number of fish caught with the total weight being taken into consideration for those winners having the same number of fish.  There was also a prize for the biggest Alunga (Albacore Tuna) and also a prize for the biggest other fish.  In this year’s edition of the competition the Federation also introduced three prizes (plaques) for the clubs / associations formimg part of the Federation, which placed first, second and third place taking into consideration the average weight per the club’s participating boats. (Total weight caught by the club’s participating boats divided by the number of boats)


The weather proved to be favourable with a maximum wind speed of about 9 knots.  The catches were very good with a total of 136 fish caught having a total weight of just under 961 kilos.  The biggest fish caught was a blue fin tuna weighing 25.06 kilos (120 cms long) with the biggest albacore tuna weighing 13.38 kilos.  The winner managed to catch a total of 18 fish weighing a total of 115.36 kilos., with the second best catching a total of 14 fish weighing a total of 88.54 kilos and third best catching 11 fish weighing a total of 85.3 kilos.

Fondazzjoni San Pietru Tenth Anniversary from it being founded.

The executive committee of the Federation was invited to attend an event commemorating the 10th Anniversary from the constitution of Fondazzjoni San Pietru.  The event was held on Sunday 29th June 2014.

The event started with a mass being said at St. Paul's Chapel in Bugibba.  Lunch then follwed at the nearby Gillieru Restaurant.  One of the guests present presented a donation of € 2000 to Fondazzjoni San Pietru.  Notary Tonio Spiteri was also presented by a framed picture of a John Dory Fish.

The event was well attended by the main stakeholders involved in the running of Fondazzjoni San Pietru.

Pre Federation Alungi Competition 2014 Briefing Meeting.

The Federation held the Pre Competition Briefing for its Alungi Competition 2014 at the Bocci Drone Hall of the Cottonera Sports Complex on Thursday 19th June 2014.

During this meeting all participants officially registered for the Competition and also paid the relevant entry fees.

The Competition Director, Dr. Joe Carabott Damato fully explained all the regulations pertaining to the competition as well as explained in detail the logistics involved during the same competition.

The participants were then addressed by Captain R. Gabriele MNI MCIT, the official Security Officer of this competition. Captain Gabriele explained and went through all the security and safety points that are to be followed at all times during the event.

A full set of photos of the event can be viewed here.

Introductory Meeting For Sports mill-Qalb 2014

The Federation was invited and attended to an introductory discussion meeting about Sport mll-Qalb 2014 organised by H.E. The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

The meeting was held on the 10th June 2014 at San Anton Palace Attard.

An application form for interested organisations to hold individual activities in aid of Sport mill-Qalb 2014 is being forwarded to all the organisations and associations present. It was emphasised that all the necessary media coverage and advertising for the event will be forthcoming from the office of the President.

Further meetings will be held with all the inividual organisations and associations interested in organising an event.

Jellyfish Proliferation and Mitigatiom Conference.
Monitoring and Management of Jellyfish vlooms for our Fisheries, Aquaculture and Maritime industries.

The Federation was invited to a one full day conference about Jellyfish Proliferation and Mitigation. The subject covered was the Monitoring and Management of Jellyfish blooms for our Fisheries, Aquaculture and Maritime Industries. This was held at the Intercontinental Malta Hotel on Friday 23rd May 2014.

The conference was organised by the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science of the Iniversity of Malta.

The programme for the day was as follows:

  • Address by Hon. Roderick Galdes, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and               Animal  Rights, Malta.
  • Address by Profs. Charles Sammut. (Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Malta.)
  • Address by Profs. Stefano Piriano, the Coordinator of the MED-Jelly Risk                                          Project,CoNISMA,UniversityofSalerno,Lecce,Italy.
  • Talk about Cycles of Jellyfish blooms: Local , Regional and Global perspectives by Cathy Lucas.      (National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK.)
  • Talk about Marine hydrodynamic research:  Sea surface currents in the vicinity of the Maltese          Islands by Aldo Drago. (International Oceanography Institute, Malta Operational Centre,                  Univerity of Malta.)
  • Talk about the Applications of hydrdynamic models for modelling drifting jellyfish blooms around        the maltese islands by Alan Deidun (Internation Oceanographic Institute, Malta Operational            Centre, University of Malta.)
  • Talk about an Overview of Maltese Fisheries by Roberta Mifsud. (Department of Fisheries,               Malta)
  • Talk about Integrating Fisheries and maritime activities with marine biodiversity & Jellyfish research for management in Malta by Adriana Vella. (The       Department of Bilology, University of Malta)
  • Talk about Effects of Jellyfish blooms on fish populations:  A case study in the NW Mediterranean by Uxue Tilves. (Insitut de Ciencies del Mar -               CSIC, Barcelona,  Spain)
  • Talk about Fisheries socio-economic aspects:  An overview of Less fish, more Jellyfish by Jennifer Purcell.  (CoNISMA & University of Western                Wahingtom, Bellingham, USA)
  • Talk about Socio-economic impact of Jellyfish on Fisheries in Tunisia by Sabrine El Inoubli (Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Tunisia & National                 Insitute for Agronomy of Tunisia)
  • Talk about Jellyfish Impacts and mitigation for acquaculture sites by Jennifer Purcell. (CoNISMA & University of Western Wahingtom, Bellingham,             USA)
  • Talk about an Overview of Maltese Acquaculture and Tuna Penning by Robert Vassallo Agius. (Government Acquaculture Malta)
  • Talk about the Mitigation of Stinging Jellyfish outbreaks and the use of Anti Jellyfish nets by Profs. Stefano Piriano. (The Coordinator of the                    MED-Jelly Risk Project,CoNISMA,UniversityofSalerno,Lecce,Italy.)
  • Talk about the Blue Growth and Marine biotechnology:  The uses of Jellyfish biomasses as a resource for human consumptiom and Pharmacology          by Antonella Leone.  (National Research Council, Institute of Science of Food Production(CNR-ISPA), Lecce & CONISMA Italy)
  • Talk about Maltese Maritime activities and importance of contingency plans and mitigation of Jellyfish in Maltese Waters by Gabrielle Galea.                   (Transport Malta)
  • Talk about the Socio-economic impacts of Jellyfish on Maritime activities in Spain by Veronica Fuentes & Alejandro Olariaga (Insitut de Ciencies del         Mar - CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Discussion Panel:  Questions and Concluding discussion and remarks.

Jellyfish Proliferation and Mitigatiom Conference.
Monitoring and Management of Jellyfish Blooms for our Marine Biodiversity & Treatments of Jellyfish Stings.

The Federation was invited to a one full day conference about Jellyfish Proliferation and Mitigation. The subject covered was the Monitoring and Management of Jellyfish blooms for our Marine Biodiversity and Treatments of Jellyfish Stings. This was held at the Intercontinental Malta Hotel on Thursday 22nd May 2014.

The conference was organised by the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science of the Iniversity of Malta.
The programme for the day was as follows:

  • Address by Hon.Minister Leo Brincat,
  • Address by Profs.Richard Muscat, the Pro-Rector for Research, University of Malta.
  • Address by Profs Stefano Piraino, the Coordinator of the MED-Jelly Risk                                        Project,CoNISMA,UniversityofSalerno,Lecce,Italy.
  • Talk about Taxonomy of Mediterranean Jellyfish biodiversity. (A story of old names, changing         habitats,and new immigrants) by Profs Stefano Piriano.
  • Talk about the Cause & effect of Jellyfish Proliferationin the Mediterranean by Jennifer Purcell       (CoNISMA & University of Western Wahingtom, Bellingham, USA)
  • Talk about Sampling and Laboratory rearing of Jellyfish by Veronica Fuentes & Alejandro Olariaga (Insitut de Ciencies del Mar - CSIC, Barcelona,       Spain)
  • Talk about Jellyfish Lifecycle monitoring: Study along the Spanish Coast by Melissa Acevedo (Insitut de Ciencies del Mar - CSIC, Barcelona,                Spain)
  • Talk about Studying Maltese Marine Biodiversity: Scientifics to study jellyfish diversity and distribution in relation to biological abd environmental           parameters by Adriana Vella and Noel Vella (The Department of Bilology, University of Malta)
  • Talk about Algal and Sea Grass communitis of the Maltese Coastline by Sandro Lanfranco (The Department of Bilology, University of Malta)
  • Talk about Med-Jelly Risk Tunisia:  Dissemination strategy and jellyfish survey experience by Sabrine El Inoubli (Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte,             Tunisia & National Insitute for Agronomy of Tunisia)
  • Talk about Development of Communication Tools and Informative guidlines for the General Public and coastal managers to ddress jellyfish blooms       by Macarena Marambio ( Insitut de Ciencies del Mar - CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Talk about Jellyfish Stings and their Management:  The Scientific Evidence by Luca Cegolon (The Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular         Sciences, Padua University, Italy)
  • Talk about the Analysis of lifeguard-recorded data in the Spanish Mediterraneanbeaches: Jellyfish Stings prevail by Christina Alonso Moreno               (Insitut de Ciencies del Mar - CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Talk about Dermatological advice and management of Jellyfish Stings in Malta by Godfrey Baldacchino (Department of Dermatology, Sir Paul Boffa     Hospital, Floriana, Malta)
  • Talk about the Pharmacists' role in Jellyfih Stings remedies in Malta by Mark Zammit The Department of Health, Ministry of Energy and Health,             Malta   and The Department of Climical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta)
  • Discussion Panel:  Questions and Concluding discussion.

MTA Lecture about Fish Around the Maltese Islands.

The Federation attended a second lecture organised by the Malta Tourism Authority on the 30th April 2014 held at the Malta National Aquarium Diving Institute in Qawra.

The first speaker was Ms. Carmen Mifsud who spoke about the fish and marine mammals found around Malta,  specificallly highlighting the work being don on the Life+ Project.  This project nainly involves the various type of sea turtles and dolphins found in Maltese waters.

Dr. Leyla Knittweiss then gave a talk about Fisheries in the Maltese Islands.

MTA Lecture about Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Diving.

The Federation was invited to attend this Malta Tourism Authority Lecture about Marine Protected Areas and Sustainable Diving.  This lecture was held on the 15th April 2014 at the Malta National Aquarium Diving Institute in Qawra.

Three committee members attended the lecture.  The first speaker during the lecture was Giuseppe di Carlo from the Ustica Marine Reserve, who gave a detailed description of the Ustica Marine Protected Reserve as well as other Marine Protected Areas that he was appointed as a consultant to.  He described the various benefits that can be attained from Marine Protected Areas.

Mr Christopher Cousin, Environment Protection Officer within MEPA then followed with a talk about the Marine Proteted Areas found in Malta and Gozo.

Federation Annual General Meeting 2014.

The Federation held its Annual General Meeting for 2014 on 13th April 2014.  This was held at the Cottonera Sports Complex and started at 09:00 hrs.

The Federation president opened the meeting with a short speech highlighting the Federation's main activities during the year 2013.

The Federation Secretary then read the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and these were approved by affilated associations members present.

The Federation secretary then fo;;owed by giving a detailed explanation of the various activities held by the Federation during 2013.  He also mentioned and gave a detailed explanation of the the seminars, meetings, Launches and conventions that the Federation was invited to and attended during the preceding twelve months.  The administrative report was approved by affiliated associationsmemberspresent.

The Federation's Treasurer then read out the Federation's Financial Report for year 2013.  This reportt was approved by affilated associations members present.  Mr Joe Pace from the Gzira Association was then nominated as Auditor for 2014.  This nomination was seconded and approved by members present.

Various points were brought up and discussed when the Blue Fin Tuna Licences for  amateur fishermen for the year 2014 was being discussed.  All  regulations and procedures to be followed by those having a licence to fish for Blue Fin Tuna were explained.

    When the Federation's Alungi Competition was being discussed it was decided that the dates for the competition will be scheduled for the 6th July with a backup date of the 20th July 2014.  It was also suggested that a requirement for preserving the catch in the best possible way is introduced in the regulations.  This is being implemented by adding a regulation that all boats are required to have an adequate number of ice packs on board.  Boats that do not have enough ice packs would be able to order a bag of ice during the pre competition briefing and the Federation would arrange for it being supplied to the boats during the inspection just prior to the start of the competition.

Federation Meeting with Fisheries Department re BFT Licences for Amateur Fishermen 2014.

The Federatiom today attended its second meeting with officials from the Fisheries department to discuss the parameters for the issue of licences for Blue Fin Tuna fishing by amateur fishermen.  The amateur fishermen were being represented by the Federation executive committee members and by a member from the Malta Fishing Forum.


It seems that with the Fisheries Department there is full agreement re the parameters for the licences, except for the quota being allocated to amateur fishermen.  The quota is definitely going to be higher than last year, but the amateur fishermen representatives are still waiting for an answer re their last proposed quota.


As regards the regulations, these are going to be the same as last year.  The Federation offered to help the Fisheries Department in collecting the applications from those interested in applying.  Therefore all applicants (residing in Malta) will be able to send their applications either to the Federation representative or otherwise direct to the Fisheries Department.  Gozitan applicants will be able to apply directly with the Fisheries Department.  Further details will be given at a later stage when all arrangements have been done with the Fisheries Department.

Press Conference to announce finalists to the "Gieh l-iSport Malti 2013" held on 15th February 2014.

The Federation was invited to attend a Press Conference during which the finalists for the various spoort categories were to be announced.  The Prresident of the Federation attended this event which was held at the Marsa Golf Club.


 The finalists in all categories of the first edition of the awards “Ġieħ l-Isport Malti”, organized by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sports, together with the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport were announced during this Press Conference.


Parliamentary Secretary Buontempo expressed his satisfaction that this innovative event is one where sports clubs will vote to reward top sports officials and teams. He said that despite the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport's financial difficulties, the Government funded €1 million assistance to sports organizations. The Government is doing its utmost so that the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSports becomes financially sustainable.


He said that sports organizations should become partners with the Government so that in the future it will be the sporting organizations themselves that organise such sports events that have hitherto been organized by the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport.

Dr Buontempo thanked sports organizations for their commitment to make sport in our country grow and said that the aim of government is for our country to become more professional in sport. This will be done through scholarships awarded specifically in sports.


Luciano Busuttil, Chairman of the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport, said that this year the event will be costing much less than in previous years, so that the money can be invested in athletes and sports.  He went on to say that this is a celebration of sport and although only one winner will be declared, everyone is a winner.  He ended his speech by encouraging athletes to continue to demonstrate their commitment to always make the maltese flag fly high.


The final night of the awards of 'Gieh l-iSport Malti 'will be held on 15 March 2014 and will be televised live on TVM2.  During the evening the jury composed of expert sports journalists from local leading media houses will vote live for the winner in each category.


The winner of Best Sportman and Best sportswoman With Special Needs will be announced during the final night.  They will be selected by a panel of experts, set up separately to select athletes who deserve this honor.


The public will also be able to give its share now, once the six finalists to the 'National People's Choice Award have been chosen by federations and associations. Currently these six finalists are enjoying 60% of the final vote while the public will be voting for the remaining 40% through sms that can be sent to the numbers tied to each name. The televoting will remain open until the final evening and then the ultimate winner of this Award will be announced.

During the press conference all nominated athletes, teams and officials for the 'People's Choice Award' were presented with a certificate and will be included on the first 'Roll of Honour' of 'Gieh l-iSport Malti”.


The Bank of Valletta has always supported all different types of sports, including football, basketball, waterpolo, as well as other disciplines in the local scene such as tennis, golf and bowling. The Bank undertakes to further encourage sportsmen and help them have suitable facilities for their disciplines. It is therefore an honor for the Bank to be giving its support to the “Gieh Malti ghall-iSport..


MSV Life said they have always been at the forefront to promote and give their support to the Maltese talent in both sports as well as other areas such as art and music. Such events provide an excellent opportunity for Maltese Talents to be exhibited and rewarded and they are very happy indeed to be assocaited with this initiative.


Mr. Arthur Castillo, Director of the company Vascas and sponsors of the trophies said trophies will be awarded to all winners. These trophies are made from fine crystal glass and is a flagship product of the Slovenian company Rogaska Crystal.


Altogether 24 finalists in various categories were announced.


Best Sportswoman Award
Sue Abela (Malta Tenpin Bowling Association)
Eleonor Bezzina (Malta Shooting Sport Federation)
Joanne Attard (Malta Tenpin Bowling Association)

Best Sportsman Award
William Chetcuti (Malta Shooting Sport Federation)
Justin Caruana Scicluna (Malta Tenpin Bowling Association)
Daniel Zahra (Ying Yang Kickboxing Club)

Best Team Award
Men’s category (Malta Pool Association)
Men Senior National Waterpolo Team (Aquatic Sports Association of Malta)
Women’s National Football Team (Malta Football Association)

Best Young Sportsperson Award
Nathan Lee Xuereb (Malta Shooting Sport Federation)
Nicole Gatt (Malta Weightlifting Association and MAAA)
Suzanne Buttigieg (Malta Gymnastics Federation)

Best Coach Award
Pierre Brincat (Malta Football Association)
Karl Izzo (Aquatic Sports Association of Malta)
Jimmy Bugeja (Malta Shooting Sport Federation)

Best Official Award
Vincent Degiorgio (Malta Pool Association)
Edwin Vella (Malta Shooting Sport Federation)
Jesmond Caruana (Malta Weightlifting Association)

National People’s Choice Award
Rebecca Camilleri (MAAA):  50616721
William Chetcuti (Malta Shooting Sports Federation): 50616722
Mae Farrugia (Malta Gymnastics Federation): 50616723
Dermot Galea (Malta Triathlon Federation): 50616724
Dennis Thornton (Ghaqda Regatta Nazzjonali): 50616725
U/18 Women’s National Team (Malta Basketball Association): 50616726

Press Conference re Launch of "Gieh l-Isport Malti 2013"  on 9th January 2014.


The Federation attended a Press Conference held at the Cottonera Sports Complex during which details about the new format of the “Gieh l-Isport Malti 2013” were given.  The event is scheduled for the 15th March 2014.


The Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youths and Sport Dr. Stefan Buontempo said that the government will be recognising and showing its appreciation at the amount of work being carried out by officials, administrators and athletes of all the different sports disciplines practiced in Malta.  He also said that all athletes who have excelled in their particular sport both locally and internationally, will be given the opportunity to be recognised for their efforts and results achieved.  The Parliamentary Secretary also said that for the very first time two athletes with special needs will be recognised for their efforts and results, thus giving them an equal opportunity like all other athletes.  A third category would be the Roll of Honour.

Mr Paul Stoner, chairperson of the organising committee, gave details of how the finalists, both athletes and officials, will be chosen.  He also gave details about how the various associations / federations, the general public and the independent jury will be voting so that the best finalists will be awarded.  Mr Stoner also said that winners will be given legacy awards by giving them the opportunity to further improve their ability in the sport that they practice by being sponsored for overseas training / events.  They will also be given a memento on the Awards Night to be organised on the 15th March 2014 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.


Dr Luciano Busuttil, chairperson of the Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport said that these awards will be organised ensuring that no unnecessary costs are incurred.