Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta

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A summary of the various activities and meetings held or attended to by the Federation during 2016.

The Federation held its Annual Christmas Lunch for members of the affiliated associations and their families and friends at the Alexandra Hotel, St Julians on Tuesday 13th December 2016. 

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Il-Federazzjoni organizzat l-ikla annwali tal-Milied ghall-membri ta l-Ghaqdiet affiljati u l-familji u l-hbieb taghhom, fil-lukanda Alexandra San Giljan nhar it-Tlieta 13 ta Dicembru 2016.

Aktar ritratti hawn.

Meeting Held with Officials from the Fisheries Department

A meeting was held between executive members of the Federation committee and officials from the Fisheries Department on May 9th 2016.

Isues discussed were:

A) Use of “Imrejkba” by recreational fishermen.

After a short discussion the Director noted that “imrejka” must be considered as a fishing gear needing a license for use. He added that certain parameters as prohibition of use within swimming zones, closing navigation pathways and length fishing line have to be set.

The Federation representative agreed provided that the conditions are discussed with the Federation prior to implementation.

B) Use of MFA / MFB vessels for swimming activity.

After an introductory discussion by Federation Secretary, the Director noted that MFA and MFB are commercial vessels for use as Fishing Vessels and cannot be used for other activities. He added that for swimming purposes owners of such registered boats can use their vessels provided that all fishing gear is removed from aboard. The Federation Secretary asked whether a winch has to be removed as well. The Director noted that provided no nets or long lines are aboard the removal of the winch is not needed.

Federation representatives agreed.

C) No body can navigate on a specific vessel in absence of Boat Registered Captain.

Federation Secretary said that the Fisheries Department can register other persons together with the owner provided that certain criteria are submitted. He added that the objection arises with the new captain / skipper when he has to produce an ETC certificate of employment. The Director said that in case of MFA/MFB apart from other documents, a contract / agreement of employment between owner and master/skipper is accepted by the Fisheries Directorate.

D) Recreational Draft Regulations

The Federation Secretary noted that about three years ago a subcommittee of the Fisheries Board formed by Fisheries Officials, Legal Fisheries Officer, Cooperative and recreational representative together with MTA, AFM and TM representatives after several meetings produced a signed Recreational Regulatory Document  which was presented to the Director to be discussed on the Fisheries Board. He added that unfortunately the document seems to be shelved and was never on the Fisheries Board Agenda. The Director said that he will go through this document and will discuss the issue. Federation President added that if need arises he will produce a copy of this document.

E) Registration of Fish Catches.

The Federation Secretary said that there is confusion amid Fishermen as to the registration of fish catches. Following a discussion the Director said that he will forward the relevant document to the Federation Secretary.

F) Designated Port in Gnejna.

Mr. Reno Falzon, Federation representative and fisherman at Gnejna, brought up the problem of Swordfish fishermen in view of registering their catches. The nearest designated port is Imtarfa which is at an average of three hours to go and come back provided in good sea conditions. Mr. Falzon asked for the possibility that Gnejna becomes a designated port for Swordfish. The Director explained that due to lack of information of catches from the area he cannot set Gnejna as a designated Port for Swordfish. He suggested that if Gnejna Fishermen for one year register their catches in a designated Port than the Fisheries Directorate considering the catch will be able to nominate Gnejna as a Designated Port.

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National Sports Forum

Members of the Federation's committee were invited and attended to the first National Sports forum organised by Sportmalta.

SportMalta, both as national provider and regulator of sports organised the first edition of the National Sport Forum on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April 2016. The event acted as a platform in preparation for the Malta Presidency of the Council of European Union in the first semester of 2017.

Over 450 participants participated in the National Sport Forum. Both local and foreign sports experts delivered very important speeches and presentations.

Federation Annual General Meeting 2016.

The Federation held its Annual General Meeting for 2015 on 17th April 2016.  This was held at the Bugibba Association Premises and started at 09:30 hrs.

The Federation president opened the meeting with a short speech highlighting the Federation's main activities during the year 2015.

The Federation Secretary then read the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and these were approved by affiliated associations members present.

The Federation secretary then followed by giving a detailed explanation of the various activities held or attended to by the Federation during 2015.  He also mentioned and gave a detailed explanation of the the seminars, meetings, Launches and conventions that the Federation was invited to and attended during the preceding twelve months.  The administrative report was approved by affiliated associations members present.

The Federation's Treasurer then read out the Federation's Financial Report for year 2015.  This report was approved by affiliated associations members present. 

More photos can be viewed here.

Solidarjeta bl-iSport Presentation of certifcates to 2015 participants.

The Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta was invited by the President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, to a certificate presentation ceremony  to all particpants, organisers, administrators and officials of over 100 sport organisations who were part of the Solidarjeta bl-iSport Campaign 2015 in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund.

The presentation ceremony was held on the 14th January 2016 at San Anton Palace.