Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta

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A summary of the various activities and meetings held or attended to by the Federation during 2017.

Christmas Lunch for affiliated Associations' Members  /  Ikla tal-Milied ghall-Membri ta l-Ghaqdiet affiljati

The Federation held its Annual Christmas Lunch for members of the affiliated associations and their families and friends at the Alexandra Hotel, St Julians on Sunday 10th December 2017.  More photos can be viewed here.

Il-Federazzjoni organizzat l-ikla annwali tal-Milied ghall-membri ta l-Ghaqdiet affiljati u l-familji u l-hbieb taghhom, fil-lukanda Alexandra San Giljan nhar il-Hadd 10 ta Dicembru 2017.  Iktar ritratti tista tarahom hawn.

Data Collection on a Pilot Study on Recreatonal Fisheries / Stharrig fuq Studju Pilotafuq Sajd Rikreattiv

Il-Federazzjoni irceviet ittra mid-dipartiment tal-Fisheries fejn qalulna li ser isir progett pilota dwar gbir ta informazzjoni dwar il-qabdiet minn sajjieda rekreazzjonali li ghandom dghajsa irregistrata MFC. Ghal bidu ser jintaghzlu ammont zghir hafna ta dghajjes u jigu infurmati biex jippartecipaw f'dan il-progett pilota. Il-Federazzjoni iltaqghet ma l-ufficcjali koncernati fl 20 ta Dicembru 2017, u wara li rat l-iskop tal-progett qablet li min jintaghzel jikkopera mal-ufficjali tad-dipartiment. Hawn taht hawn l-ittra li il-Federazzjoni irceviet minghand id-dipartiment. (Bil-malti u bl-ingliz)

The Federation has received a letter from the Fisheries Department whereby we were informed that there is going to be a pilot project to collect information about catches made by recreational fishermen who have a boat registered as MFC. In the first pilot project only a small number of boat owners are going to be asked to participate in the pilot project. The Federation had a meeting with the Fisheries Department officials on the 20th Drcember 2017, and after having been given an explanation of the project's aims, agreed that chosen participants should help the department officials to collect the required data. Hereunder is the letter that the Federation received from the department. (In maltese and in english)

4th Stakeholder Seminar of Life Bahar for N2K Project.

Federation comittee members were invited and attended the 4th stakeholder seminar of Life Bahar for N2K project

The 4th stakeholder seminar of the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K project was held at ERA premises on  the 21st of November, 2017. The aim of the seminar was to inform stakeholders on the next steps, project outcomes after the final data analysis and to invite everyone on an open discussion on potential future conservation measures.  

A comprehensive presentation on the process of identifying and designating new sites under the Natura 2000 network was given by Christopher Cousin from ERA. The presentation provided information on the required steps for identification and designation; introduced the areas within which the MPAs will be identified through the LIFE BaĦAR project; explained management considerations and the use of conservation measures. The floor was then opened for discussion.

The stakeholders participated actively in the discussion and highlighted various issues of concern from their experience, in relation to the sustainable use of the marine environment, various conflicts between activities, and the ecological impact of certain activities. 

In conclusion, the stakeholders were invited to participate in the interviews being carried out under action A8, and to think about what could be done in practice to address the pressures and threats, indicating that ERA would be consulting the stakeholders again in future on potential measures.

The seminar was attended by representatives from Nature Trust FEE Malta, Civil Protection Department, Wild Birds Regulation Unit, BirdLife Malta, Sharklab- Malta, Ghaqda Koperattiva tas-Sajd, Federation of Amateur Fishing Association, Marsaxlokk Artisinal Fishers, Fishing Trawlers Owners Association, Police Department and Transport Malta, as well as project partners and ERA staff.

Meeting with the Hon. Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights.

A delegation from the Federation’s Executive Committee asked for a meeting with Hon. Clint Camilleri, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights.

The meeting was held on Tuesday 17th October 2017 at the ministry in Santa Venera

During this meeting the Federation introduced itself to the newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary and also congratulated the Parliamentary Secretary for his appointment. The Federation also highlighted the new measure being adopted by the Fisheries Department whereby the department is asking for a yearly surveyor’s report before renewing licences for vessels licenced by the department. Hon. Clint Camilleri promised to look into the matter and advise the Federation accordingly.

LIFE BaĦAR for N2K Conference on Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

Federation Committee members attended a 4 day seminar held at the Radisson Golden Sands Hotel between the 11th and 14th September 2017. The seminar was organised by Life Bahar N2k and ERA.

The aim of the conference was to bring together key participants in marine conservation and management, including local stakeholders and international experts from Mediterranean areas, to share their views and expertise, as a basis for common efforts to protect the Mediterranean Sea as a whole.

The first day focused on Marine Protected Areas in general with an introduction to the Natura 2000 network in Malta, an overview of the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K project, and work done through the project, in particular the project surveys and results. Furthermore, three international experts presented an insight in the designation and management of Natura 2000 sites, related and relevant projects for the Mediterranean region, and the status and need for reference conditions of important habitats.

The second day presented different aspects of management from a local to a regional scale, evaluating management measures, issues within MPAs, as well as synergies between the applicable policies. Case studies on applied management measures in the Northern Mediterranean and from the Southern region were presented and similarities and differences in management approaches discussed.

On the third day of the conference, the focus was on monitoring – from plans to be implemented to expert advice on appropriate monitoring techniques for different habitats. In the afternoon, representatives from different stakeholder groups and authorities, project partners, participants from the general public and international experts came together to discuss in small groups different aspects of MPA management and monitoring, present their experiences and views and suggest measures and approaches that could be considered in a local context.

To conclude this experience, all participants were invited to join the conference boat trip on the fourth day to visit some of the local marine protected sites.

The Agenda of the seminar was as follows:

Day 1

Science as a basis for designation - Introduction to Natura 2000, LIFE BaĦAR for N2K Project and Results

09:30 Registration

10:15 Introductory speech by Prof. Victor Axiak, ERA Chairman

10:20 Video message from EU Commissioner Mr Karmenu Vella

10:30 Introduction on Natura 2000 and marine SCIs in Malta Malta - Mr Christopher Cousin, ERA 

10:45 Introduction to LIFE BaĦAR for N2K Project - Ms Christina Mallia, ERA 11:00 Coffee Break 

11:30 Status of knowledge at start of the project - Ms Romina Sciberras, MESDC-DFA 

11:45 LIFE BaĦAR marine surveys - Fieldwork Methodology – Ms Silvia Garcia, Fundación Oceana 

12:15 Interpretation of data and results - Dr Julian Evans, University of Malta 

12:45 Q&A 

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Marine Natura 2000: from designation to effective management - Dr Vedran Nikolic, European Commission - Nature Protection 

14:30 Designation and next steps in the policy decision-making process - Ms Margaret Cassar, MESDC 

14:45 Site designation and related projects in Mediterranean context, including MedKeyHabitats and MedMPANet - Mr Atef Ouerghi, RAC/SPA 

15:15 Coffee Break 

15:45 Habitats/species of interest and relevance in Mediterranean context – Prof. Carlo Nike Bianchi, University of Genoa, Italy 

16:15 Questions/Discussion 

16:30 Close 

Day 2 

09:15 Introductory speech by Dr Louise Spiteri, ERA Acting CEO 

09:25 Existing Marine SCIs in Malta: Overview of Issues - Mr Brian Christie, ERA 09:45 Focus on pSCIs on seagrass meadows, turtles and dolphins - proposed management measures - Mr Christopher Cousin, ERA 

10:15 Focus on Marine SPAs: LIFE Malta Seabirds After-LIFE - Mr Paulo Lago Barreiro, BirdLife Malta 

10:45 Q&A 

11:00 Coffee Break 

11:30 Focus on new sites for Caves and Reefs - Issues identified - Dr Leyla KnittweisMifsud, University of Malta 

12:00 Synergies and opportunities in policy implementation - Ms Miraine Rizzo, ERA 12:15 Q&A 

12:30 Lunch 

13:30 Management of MPAs in the Mediterranean - Mr Bruno Meola, MedPAN 14:00 Experience with management of MPAs in Northern Mediterranean - Ms Valentina Cappanera, Portofino MPA/SPAMI, Italy 

14:30 Coffee Break 

15:00 Experience with management of MPAs in the Southern Mediterranean - Mr Ziad Samaha, Ministry of Environment, Lebanon 

15:30 Regional and Spatial Patterns in Marine Biodiversity and Human Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management and Policy - Dr Ameer Abdulla, PANACeA, European Topic Centre, University of Malaga, Spain 

16:00 Questions/discussion on synergies and work to be done 

16:30 Close 

Day 3  

09:15 Introductory speech by Perit Michelle Piccinino, ERA Director Environment & Resources 

09:20 Speech by Hon. Dr José Herrera, Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development & Climate Change 09:30 National Marine Monitoring program - Ms Tamara Micallef, ERA 

09:45 Marine Monitoring - ecosystems approach - Dr Daniel Cebrian, UNEP EcAp 10:15 Development and Monitoring of Conservation Objectives for marine Natura 2000 sites - Mr Bruno Meola, MedPAN 

10:45 Q&A 

11:00 Coffee Break 

11:30 Monitoring techniques for reefs - Dr Enric Ballesteros, Spanish National Research Council, Spain 

11:45 Monitoring techniques for caves - Dr Vasilis Gerovasileiou, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece 

12:00 Monitoring techniques for seagrass meadows – Prof. Gerard Pergent, University of Corsica, France 

12:15 Q&A - Discussion on synergies 

12:30 Lunch 

13:30 Parallel break-out sessions on management and monitoring 

15:00 Coffee Break 

15:30 Reporting back and wrap up from breakout sessions 

16:00 Concluding plenary 

16:30 Close 

20:00 Evening Reception Venue: Bacchus Restaurant, 1 Inguanez Alley, Mdina 

Day 4

Field Trip 09:00 – 12:00 Guided boat trip around the Maltese Islands visiting Marine Protected Areas Meeting Point: Buġibba Jetty at 8:45 a.m. 

Sports Associations and Athletes Meeting by SportMalta.

Federation Committee members attended a meeting organised by SportMalta on the 20th July 2017 at the Agenzija Zghazagh premises in St. Venera.

Hon Clifton Grima, Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Sports and Voluntary Organisations today officially met for the first time representatives from all the sports organisations.

Dr. Grima declared that it is his pleasure to meet with the sports organisations and referred to the government’s commitment through SportMalta to improve the administration of sport organisations to correspond with the increasingly high standards of the sports sector in our country. He stated that for associations to become more professional it is necessary to strengthen the regulatory framework so that they achieve the appropriate level and as a result be awarded the accreditation deserved. In particular, he referred to the quality of the structure within which organisations operate and the services offered. The Parliamentary Secretary emphasised on the importance that SportMalta and the associations work hand in hand for the ultimate common goal of enriching sports in general. He referred to several projects launched by SportMalta with the unique aim of assisting associations.

During the meeting presentations about the requirements by SportMalta for registration purposes, the need to maintain the minimum standards in the organisations’ statutes as well as the procedures for submission of documents to SportMalta were made.

Financial grants were distributed during the ceremony to associations, clubs and individual athletes so that 316,000 euros have already been allocated since the beginning of this year so far. Altogether 20 athletes and 27 associations benefited from financial aids to date during this second ceremony out of four that SportMalta holds every year.

LIFE BaĦAR for N2K stakeholders consultation meeting 

Federation Committee members were invited to and attended a stakeholders' meeting organised by Life Bahar for N2K at Hexagon House on the 4th July 2017. 

The purpose of this meeting was to inform key stakeholders about the results of the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K project and the way forward in regard to declaring new potential Marine Protected Areas for Malta, so they can engage and contribute to the discussions on the project outcomes and future implementation.

Laqgha mas-Segretarju Parlamentari Roderick Galdes.

Membri mill-ezekuttiv tal-Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta 

kellhom laqgha mas-Segretarju Parlamentari Roderick Galdes illum 5 t’April 2017. Waqt din il-laqgha il-Federazzjoni esprimiet it-thassib taghha fuq dawn l-affarijiet:

  1. Nuqqas ta komunikazzjoni bejn id-Dipartiment tas-Sajd u il-Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta.
  1. Il-fatt li fl-abbozz tal-Ligi (Bill 190) il-Federazzjoni ma tissemma imkien u ghalhekk ser titlef id-dritt li tinnomina membri fuq il-Kunsill Gdid tas-Sajd.
  2. Il-Federazzjoni uriet l-oggezzjoni taghha ghall-ammendi issuggeriti fuq ir-regolamenti tas-Sajd Rekreazjonali li kienu maqbula bejn l-istakeholders kollha lura fis-snin 2012 / 2013. Dawn l-ammendi saru mill-Koperattivi tas-Sajd waqt laqgha li kellhom ma Ufficjali tad-Dipartiment tas-Sajd fil 15 ta Dicembru 2016. Uriet it-thassib taghha ukoll dwar certu porposti li qed isiru mill Marsaxlokk Artisinal Fisheries u li jolqtu lis-Sajjied Rikreazzjonali.

Dwar l-ewwel punt is-Segretarju Parlamentari qal li ser jaghmel l-ahjar li jista biex il-komunikazzjoni bejn id-Dipartiment tas-Sajd u l-Federazzjoni titjieb.

Dwar it-tieni punt is-Segretarju Parlamentari qal li dan il-Bill ghadu abbozz u ser jikkunsidra l-amenda ghalih kif proposta mill-Federazzjoni. Dan ifisser li il-Federazzjoni ser tibqa bid-dritt li tinnomina membri fuq il-format il-gdid tal-Kunsill tas-Sajd.

Dwar it-tielet punt is-Segretarju Parlamentari tana assigurazzjoni li ma hi ser tiddahhal l-ebda legislazzjoni fuq sajd rekreattiv apparti dawk il-mizuri li jistghu ikunu imponuti minn Direttivi ta l-Unjoni Ewropea.

Laqgha Generali Annwali 2017   /   Annual General Meeting 2017

Il-Federazzzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta zammet il-Laqgha Generali Annwali ghas-sena 2017 fis-sala tal-Kumpless Sportiv tal-Kottonera nhar il-Hadd 2 t’April 2017 fl-ghaxra ta filghodu.

Ghal din il-Laqgha Generali Annwali kienu mistiedna is-sajjieda dilettanti kollha anke dawk li ma humiex membri ta xi Ghaqda affiljata mal-Federazzjoni. Dwar dan il-Federazzjoni ghamlet avvizi kemm fuq il-Website taghha kif ukoll fuq il-Pagna taghha ta Facebook. Barra minhekk irreklamat din il-laqgha anke fuq Pagni ta Facebook ta Gruppi Ohra li ghandhom xjaqsmu ma sajd rikreattiv. Kullhadd kien mistieden peress li l-Federazzjoni kienet se taghti informazzjoni fuq suggerimenti ta regolamentazzjoni / ristrezzjonijiet fuq sajd rikreattiv li gew diskussi bejn ufficjali mid-dipartiment tas-Sajd u ufficcjali mill-Koperattivi tas-Sajd. Barra min hekk il-Federazzjoni kienet ser taghti informazzjoni fuq suggerimenti li saru mill-Marsaxlokk Artisinal Fishers. Ghal din il-laqgha kien hemm rispons tajjeb hafna u kien hemm attendenza ta aktar minn mitt sajjied dilettant.

Il-President fetah il-Laqgha b’talba u indirizz qasir fejn semma fil-qosor l-attivitajiet principali li l-Federazzjoni kellha matul l-ahhhar tnax il-xahar.

Imbaghad kien imiss lis-Segretarju tal-Federazzjoni biex jaqra il-minuti ta l-ahhar Laqgha Generali Annwali li gew approvati minn membri prezenti. Is-Segretarju imbaghad ghadda biex jaqra ir-rapport amministrattiv ghas-sena 2016 / 2017, fejn ta aktar informazzjoni dettaljata ta l-attivitajiet ta matul l-ahhar sena kif ukoll ta xi tibdil li kien hemm fil-kumitat tal-Federazzjoni.

Is-segretarju imbaghad ghadda biex ta dettalji ta xi tibdil propost fl-abboz tall-Bill 190 li jirrigwarda il-format tal-Kunsill tas-Sajd il-Gdid. Hu qal li ir-rapprezentant tal-Federazzjoni fuq il-Bord tas-Sajd ser jigbed l-attenzjoni li fil-format il-gdid tal-Kunsill il-Federazzjoni kienet ser titlef id-dritt li tinnomina raprezentant taghha u ghalhekk qara l-ammenda li ser titressaq minn naha tal-Federazzjoni ghall-abbozz tal-Bill.

Is-segretarju tal-Federazzjoni imbaghad qara l-ammendi li membri tal-Kumitati tal-Koperattivi issuggerew ghal-ftehim li kien intalahaq mis-sotto kumitat tal-Bord tas-Sajd lura fis-sena 2012 / 2013. Is-segretarju tal-Federazzjoni qal li l-Federazzjoni ser topponi bil-qawwa kollha dawn l-ammendi li ser jitressqu waqt il-laqgha tal-Bord tas-Sajd li kellha issir fis 7 t’April 2017 u dan ghaliex il-ftehim li intlahaq lura fl 2012 / 2013 kien iffirmat ukoll minn raprezentant tal-koperattivi. Is-Segretarju tal-Federazzjoni qara ukoll proposti li qed isiru mill-Marsaxlokk Artisnal Fishers kontra is-sajjied dilettant u li ikomplu jaghmlu il-posizzjoni tas-sajjied rikreazjonali aktar gravi jekk dawn ir-regolamenti ikollhom jigu approvati.

Wara dawn l-interventi minn naha tal-Federazzjoni inghata ic-cans lill-dawk prezenti biex jaghmlu mistoqsijiet u suggerimenti biex il-Federazzjoni tkun f’posizzjoni li tressaq kaz ahjar ghas-sajjied dilettant waqt il-laqgha tal-Bord tas-Sajd.

Il-Laqgha intemmet ghal habta ta nofs in-nhar.

Aktar ritratti tal-Laqgha Generali Annwali jinsabu hawn.


The Federazzjoni ta l-Ghaqdiet tas-Sajjieda Dilettanti Malta held its Annual General Meeting for 2017 at the main hall of the Cottonera Sports Complex on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at 10:00 hrs.

The Federation invited all recreational fishermen for this Annual General Meeting, even those recreational fishermen who are not members of any of the Associations that are affiliated with the Federation. The Federation advertised this on its Website as well as on its Facebook Page. Besides the Federation also advertised this invitation on other Facebook Pages that belong to Groups targeting recreational fishermen. The Federation decided to invite all recreational fishermen because during the meeting it was going to reveal amendments to the format of the Fisheries Council proposed in the draft of Bill 190, as well as the amendments to the report prepared by a sub committee of the Fisheries Board way back in 2012 / 2013 regulating the recreational sector. This report was agreed to by all members of the sub committee including a representative of the Fishermen Coooperatives. These amendments were proposed by members of the committees of the Fishermen Cooperatives during a meeting with officials of the Fisheries Department. This meeting was held in December 2016. Besides the Federation also intended to give details about certain proposals that were being put forward by the Marsaxlokk Artisinal Fishers regarding the regulation and restrictions of the recreational sector. The attendance to the Federation Annual General Meeting was very good and infact over 100 recreational fishermen attended.

The President of the Federation opened the meeting with a short prayer and an opening speech highlighting in brief the main activities of the Federation during the last twelve months.

The Federation secretary then read the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and these were approved by members of the associations present. The Federation secretary then read the administrative report for the year 2016 / 2017 giving details of the activities held by and attended to by the Federation, as well as the changes to the Federation Committee that happened during the last year.

The Federation secretary then gave details about the proposed changes in the draft Bill 190 regarding the format of the new Fisheries Council being proposed. These changes are going to prevent the Federation from the right of nominating representatives to the proposed Council, a right that the Federation has as per article 5 of Chapter 425 of the Laws of Malta. The secretary read out an amendment that the Federation was going to present to the Fisheries Board regarding this issue.

The Federation secretary then read out the amendments to the proposed regulations for recreational fishing, that had been agreed upon by all stakeholders, including a representative of the Fishermen Cooperatives way back in 2012 / 2013. These latest amendments were proposed by the Fishermen Cooperatives during a meeting held with Fisheries Department Officials in December 2016. The Federation made it very clear that it will be opposing these amendments at all costs during the Fisheries Board Meeting to be held on Friday 7th April 2017 and during which these amendments were to be discussed.

The Federation secretary also read out certain regulations and restrictions on recreational fishermen being proposed by the Marsaxlokk Artisinal Fishers and which were going to be discussed during the same Fisheries Board Meeting, and which would further jeopardiise the position of the recreational sector.

After these interventions by the Federation President and secretary, the floor was invited to ask questions and put forward suggestions so that the Federation would be in a better position to make its stand during the Fisheries Board Meeting of the 7th April 2017.

The meeting came to an end at around noon.

More photos of the Annual General Meeting can be seen here.

EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive Meeting.

Fit-23 ta’ Marzu 2017 10.30 ta’ filghodu saret Laqgha fil- Hexagon House, Spencer Hill, Marsa bejn:

ERA:  Stevens Darren, Miraine Rizzo, Sarah Camilleri u zewg ufficajli ohra.

Federazzjoni Sajjieda Dilettanti: Joe Muscat, Renzo Cilia, Melchiore Ellul, Kenneth Bartolo, Reno Falzon, Joe Carabott Damato.

MAF: Martin Caruana u Emanuel Caruana

Zewg rappresentanti ta’ Hooked on Fishing.

Is-Sur Darren Stevens fetah il-laqgha fejn qal li dan l-esercizzju huwa program ta’ mizuri godda dwar Direttiva Ewropeja 2008/56

Gew ippresentati slides dwar kif dan il-program qed jithejja. Hemm tliet setturi li huma:

  1. Studju ta’ l-istat tal-ambjent u miri li wiehed irid jilhaq,

  2. Program ta’monitoragg,

  3. Program ta’  misuri.

Dwar il-program ta’monitoragg gew stipulati hdax is-settur kif gie reportat lill-kummissjoni Ewropea.

Is-Sinjura Miraiane Rizzo qalet li kienet se tibghat kopja ta’dan id-dokument via email lill-ghaqdiet presenti.

Wara saret diskussjoni  u proposti minn dawk prezenti.

Is-Sur Martin Caruana (MAF) qal li dak li qed jigi msejjah “Sajd Xjentifiku” jigifieri sajd b-metodu ta’tkarkir ghal skop ta’ricerka huwa esempju ta’ abbuz ghaliex ma tistax tohloq herba biex taghmel ricerka. Is-Sur Darren Stevens wiegeb li din hija metodologija li tintuza madwar id-dinja u mhiex direttiva tad-Dipartiment tas-Sajd. Apparti minn dan jezistu mizuri sabiex il-hsara tkun minima.

Is-Sur Martin Caruana qal li rigward l-iskart, Sajjieda jarmu l-bahar l-kaxxi (kartun u plastic) tal-liska vojta li jistaw jaghmlu hsara kif lill-ambjent u hlejjaq ohra bhal fkiren.  Hu zied li skart jista jingabar minn fejn il-kurrentijiet tal-bahar ifformaw dak il-fil ta’ bahar fejn jingabar hafna skart. Dan l-iskart jista jingabar permezz ta’xibka.

Kumment iehor kien dwar id-dawl esagerat li juzaw bastimenti kbar bil-lampara ghas-sajd ta’ klamari u kavalli. Konsegwenza ta’ dan jizdied il Fishing Effort.  Qed issir hsara kbira ukoll biex tingabar liska ghall-fishfarms. It-talba hija ta’ 30 tonellata kuljum.  Ir-rappresentant ta’ MAF kompla fuq sajd bix-xbieki. Hu qal li dari sajjied kien jitfa min hamsa sa sebgha bicciet ta’ xbiek, izda illum bastimenti kbar ikalaw hamsin bicca b'rizultat li xbiek ikunu il-bahar erbgha u ghoxrin siegha.

Saru kummenti ohra dwar il-hsara li jaghmlu l-ankri u l-ktajjen tal-vapuri l-kbar  fuq Hurd Bank u s-sikka il-bajda.  Is-Sur Darren Stevens qal li barra dawk wiehed irid jara anki dawk ta’ madwar il-kosta specjalment fis-sajf. Kemm il darba ma l-ankra jittella ammont ta’ posedonia.

Wara s-Sur Darren Stevens flimkien ma l-ufficjali l-ohra qal li aktar il-quddiem ikun hermm iktar tahdidiet u rringrazzja lil dawk presenti ghall-attendenza u participazzjoni taghhom u ghalaq is-seduta ghal habta ta’ nofs in-nhar.

Consultation Session: EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Federation Committee members attended a meeting with two officials from ERA re the Marine Strategy Framework Directive on Thursday 12th January 2017.  During this meeting points that effected fishing activities only were discussed.  During the meeting other points not related to fishing activities or marine activities were not entered into.  This directive covers a lot of other activities.  Federation committee members highlighted various points that are affecting the marine environment such as the damage being done by ancorage of vessels on Sikka il-Bajda and also the environmental damage being caused by tuna penning activities in areas very close to shore.  During the meeting the Federation was also invited to attend a public consultation meetimg which was to be held on Wednesday 18th January 2017 at Hexagon House in Blata-l-Bajda.

Federation committee members attended the Public Consultation meeting held on Wednesday 18th January 2017 as per the invitation received from MEUSAC.

The consultation session, organised by MEUSAC, in collaboration with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC) and the Environment Resources Authority (ERA), was held on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at the offices of the ERA on the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive which sets a number of goals to maintain a good environmental status.

Ms Miraine Rizzo from the ERA, who gave a presentation, explained that a new deliverable is being introduced, that is the programme of measures to maintain a good environmental status.

“Environment-related targets were always there along with monitoring programmes aimed at assessing the marine environment but a programme of measures is now in place,” she said.

The measures are as follows:
•  Member States shall, in respect of each marine region or sub-region concerned, identify the measures which need to be taken in order to achieve or maintain good environmental status, as determined pursuant to Article 9(1), in their marine waters.
•  Those measures shall be devised on the basis of the initial assessment made pursuant to Article 8 (1) and by reference to the environmental targets established pursuant to Article 10 (1)
•  Member States shall integrate the measures into a programme of measures taking into account relevant measures required under community legislation (WFD, UWWT, BWQ)
•  Programme of measures shall include spatial protection measures, contributing to coherent and representative networks of marine protected areas.

Issues in relation to the measures include anchoring as a pressure on seabed habitats, environmental concerns in permitting of offshore activity, fisheries in Marine Protected Areas, Interactions of fisheries with species, pressures from light and noise on seabirds, reptiles and mammals, improvement of data collection processes, removal of accumulated litter, fishing gear, among others.

However, a number of attendees called for a better monitoring system to be introduced to assess emissions from ships, especially with the ever increasing number of cruise liners entering our waters.

“We have done well treating sewage in line with the Barcelona Convention but we need to follow suit when it comes to monitoring contaminants in our seas as a result of ships and cruise liners and enhance existing regulations.”

As a signatory to the Barcelona Convention, Malta is committed to comply with the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.

Mr Darrin Stevens from the ERA said that the authority is presenting the measures but certain issues fall under remit of other entities.

As a signatory to the Barcelona Convention, Malta is committed to comply with the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive.

Mr Darrin Stevens from the ERA said that the authority is presenting the measures but certain issues fall under remit of other entities.

The presentation given by Ms Miraine Rizzo during the consultation meeting can be viewed here.

Detailed information about the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the various reports being prepared can be viewed here.

Seminar on Support Measures for Small Scale Fishing.

Federation Committee members attended a one day seminar about Support Measures for Small Scale Fishing  on Saturday 7th January 2017.

The event took place at Triq l-Imdina in Qormi at the hall of the Koperattivi Malta. The event gathered more than one hundred (100) attendees. The vast the majority of them were small scale fishermen. The fishermen had the chance to get to together, discuss and debate about the representation problems at both local and European level. Among the speakers there were representatives of the Mediterannean Advisory Council, the Low Impact Fisheries Organisation, Europeche, the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture, the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in Malta and country representatives of Cyprus and Ireland who shared their experiences. Among the local speakers there were the two fisheries associations and representatives of other representation initiatives and other relevant EU projects that are taking place in Malta aiming to support the fishermen in this regards. The event was organised by the AquaBioTech Group team and moderated by Dr. Simeon Deguara.

More information about the event can be found here.